The Happy and Enchanted Planner

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The Happy and Enchanted Planner is a fun life organiser to give you a magical 2024 guided by the stars. It was brought to life by the help of a kickstarter! So thanks to the community this planner will be brought to life!

Let's tell you about the planner! We have created mascots for each of the astrological seasons and the planner is sectioned off by each astrological season too. This 250 page planner will help you to follow the moon cycles and zodiac seasons to get in sync with nature. Our current society seems to want us to forget that we are a part of nature! Let’s embrace it, follow its cycles and claim our power back! Also expect important astrological days to be marked off with little handy icons so you know when will go best to plan things in your life. Each zodiac season will have the following:

  • An introduction to each mascot so you can get to know the creature that will be supporting you for the next few weeks
  • A double page creative therapy exercise. Get your crayons out!
  • A double page of journalling prompts relevant to the season ahead
  • A Monthly Moon Map (below) so you can plan with the phases of the moon
  • Weekly spreads

 Find The Happy and Enchanted Planner Cosy here to keep your planner warm!

Please note we have been made aware that there are a few pages which didn’t come out as well as we hoped in terms of print quality. We’ve learned a lot throughout this process for next time and are viewing the less-than-perfect pages as a reminder for us to let go of our own perfectionism!