Let's make 2024 Happy and Enchanted

Are you looking to have a magically amazing 2024?  We are creating just what you need to make that happen!

What are we creating?

Introducing the Happy and Enchanted Life Planner. We are a terrific trio of cosmic knowledge, creativity and enchantment with a healthy portion of weird and we have designed this planner to help you align with the Universe in your own individual way.

By following our astrological guidance provided in this incredibly unique fashion we hope you will step proudly into your magical mojo and shine bright. This planner draws inspiration from the cosmos to guide and mentor you through journalling, creative therapy, art, affirmations, general encouragement and support.

Prepare to get introduced to some magical mascots that help you sort your daily shiz out so you can focus on making more juicy adventures, soulful exploration and healing.

What will be inside?

We have created mascots for each of the astrological seasons and the planner is sectioned off by each astrological season too. This 250 page planner will help you to follow the moon cycles and zodiac seasons to get in sync with nature. Our current society seems to want us to forget that we are a part of nature! Let’s embrace it, follow its cycles and claim our power back!

Also expect important astrological days to be marked off with little handy icons so you know when will go best to plan things in your life.

Each zodiac season will have the following:

  • An introduction to each mascot so you can get to know the creature that will be supporting you for the next few weeks
  • A double page creative therapy exercise. Get your crayons out!
  • A double page of journalling prompts relevant to the season ahead
  • A Monthly Moon Map (below) so you can plan with the phases of the moon
  • Weekly spreads

Printing specs

Our planner will be A5 in size and spiral bound with a black spiral spine. The insides will be full vibrant colour and the image on the front will have some silver foil elements too!

There will also be an elastic strap that will hold the planner shut.

Who are we?

The Happiness Enchanters are Katie and Ang - we met serendipitously in a doughnut shop in 2019 and have been creating magic together ever since. We have created our own oracle cards and also opened our own healing space in Derbyshire called The Room of Enchantment. We knew Ester could help us make this planner fantastic with her brilliant astro-knowledge!


Angela Sandland is an extroverted fairy who has over 24 years experience with reiki, shamanism, crystals and all things magical and holistic. She is well practised in holding sacred space for the healing of others. Ang will be writing all of the healing exercises and imparting her wisdom with you throughout your year.


Katie Abey is a sunshine human who weaves her illustration magic and translates her soul in to her witty and reassuring creations. She feels things intensely and is big on helping others protect their energy and embrace their weirdness. Katie will be injecting the colour and character in to this incredible planner with her artist powers.


Ester Segarra is a twinkly soul who's area of expertise spans from photographing musicians to reading the very stars above us. Ester brings structure in to the chaos and will be providing all of the astrological knowledge as well as her expertise in planner manufacturing from her own previous projects.

Where will my money be going?

All money from this Kickstarter will be used to cover the printing costs of the planners.

We want our planners to have little extra touches at manufacture that make it special, such as shiny foil elements on the front and an elastic strap to hold it shut. It has to feel extra enchanted!


We will be finishing the design of our planner throughout August and sending it to print. We would hope to be fulfilling all rewards from the Kickstarter throughout October when the planners have arrived with us, so you have them in plenty of time for the new year.

We invite you to support us in this joyful journey to bring the Happy and Enchanted Life planner from dream to reality. Let's do this, it needs to exist!

Risks and challenges

We are hugely confident in our ability to quickly fulfil all of the rewards. Katie sells merchandise online so we have a ready made team to ship these out. Any risks would come from the manufacturing part of the process, such as issues with the printing. Although we obviously aren't expecting this to be a problem it is the only thing we could think that might potentially slow down the process. But we have built plenty of time for proofing in to our timeline. We promise to keep you updated should any delays occur.

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Written by Amy Davies

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