A colourful illustration of Angela Sandland and Katie Abey surrounded by all of their mythical creature friends
‘The Happiness Enchanters’, Angela Sandland and Katie Abey, met serendipitously in a doughnut shop at the end of 2019 and instantly recognised one another as fellow weirdos. 

They brought hopeful sparkly vibes through the lockdowns with joint instagram lives discussing all things ‘energy’ and have since gone on to create and manifest loads of magical THINGS.  ‘Get Your Deck Out’ oracle cards, 'Grow Your Deck' top up pack and ‘Word Spells’ affirmation cards along with Magical Mist aura sprays too.  
In January 2022 they created the Extraordinarily Enchanted Escape, an in-person event in Derby which encouraged the attendees to embrace their weirdness and step more fully into their authentic selves.

Other events coming up for the Happiness Enchanters include 'Fantastical Phoenix Fire and 'Magnificent Moon Magic'.

Their recently launched Patreon brings their magical workshops into an online format where they create quirky modern day archetypes there to guide their patrons through each zodiac season.