Katie - Owner, Maker, Dispatcher - she/her

Katie is owner, creator and head of everything at Katie Abey. She is a bold, creative sensitive soul that loves to see the magic and sparkle in everything. She is mum to Violet the tiny human and Frank the cat.

Jeff - Dispatcher - they/them

Jeff is head of picking packing and working out post. Jeff is married to Katie and they are a blue haired babe that loves to dress up as a different character to make people smile and put it on their instagram.

Faeryn - Customer Service - they/she

Faeryn is a customer services wizard and great at finding your parcels when they go in the evil vortex of Royal Mail. Faeryn is forever changing their hair and is a passionate vegan obsessed with frogs.

Flo - Customer Service - she/her

Flo is not only a tea wizard and magical model, she is also a customer service superstar! Flo is a fully qualified MUA and always has perfect eyeliner! 

Amy - Customer Service, Photographer, Web Design and Sorting - she/her

Amy helps Faeryn with the customer services but also does a lot of IT stuff no one else understands on the official website, does mail outs and takes photos for us and other people. Her dog Brian is part Ewok part bearded man in a doggo body. You can find more of Amy's work here.


Izzy - Dispatcher - she/her

Order Packing gremlin for us at HQ!


Natty - Shop Manager - she/her

Shop Manager for our Punnydukes magical store in Matlock where you can shop the Katie Abey range in person amongst other sparkly small makers.


Lisa - Whimsical Punnydukes Shop Assistant - she/her

Lisa is a magical human that helps us ensure that Punnydukes runs smoothly! She helps with serving customers, window displays and keeps the store tidy.