Feeling the feelings and drawing the drawings

Katie Abey is a creative human committed to the idea that she might just be able to make a positive difference to the world by drawing perturbed animals and lots of rainbows for a living. She used to view her deeply sensitive traits as a flaw but has now harnessed those characteristics into the superpower they are!
She now transmutes all of the feelings into all of the art.

Her work is created to uplift and feel supportive and she is passionate about making people feel proud of their individuality and all of the things that set them apart from others. Embrace your weirdness.

Alongside building her brand and merchandise, Katie has illustrated 50 children's books and counting!

Katie and her husband Jeff have opened a bricks-and-mortar shops in Derbyshire called Punnydukes and they have enjoyed conjuring immersive, creative spaces where people can escape from reality and browse some much needed magic.