All coasters are on offer for a couple £3.50 this week only!

Discount automatically applied at checkout. 😊 

Here are a few of our faves!

Satsuma of Self Care Coaster is a purple coaster with heart background and an illustrated satsuma smiling with a speech bubble saying 'So, Have decided it is time to be so motherfucking kind to myself for no other reason than I've been through a lot and I deserve Kindness.'

Satsuma of Self Care Coaster

A coaster designed and illustrated by Katie Abey with rainbow background and text saying, 'some days, existing is plenty'

Some Days Existing is Plenty Coaster

Queer Quail Coaster is a rainbow illustration of a quail with red boots on looking fabulous illustrated by Katie Abey next to it text reads 'the Queer Quail

The Queer Quail Coaster

Written by Amy Davies

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