You may have recently purchased (or you are just very curious!) one of our Tiny Human(s) on Board window clings and found yourself a bit bamboozled on how best to apply them. If this applies to you then please keep reading....

If you're looking for the vinyl outside car sticker you can find the Tiny Human here and Tiny Humans here!


1. Make sure you are applying your window cling to a smooth surface

Our clings are designed to stick with static, they are made from a plasticized vinyl that will adhere to most smooth surfaces (ideally glass or plastic) without leaving behind any sticky residue. 


2. Clean, Clean, Clean!

Before applying your window cling you will first need to clean the area you are applying it to. We recommend using a window cleaner to remove the most dirt and allowing to air dry. Using a cloth or paper towel to dry can leave behind particles or fuzz, which you don't want sitting underneath!


3. Applying

First mist, spray or splash a small amount of water to the clean area of application, you don't need it to be soaking. Remove the backing paper of the window cling then gently press the centre of the design against the damp surface working your way outwards. Please ensure you flip the design so it appears backwards to you upon application so that the design shows correctly outside.


4. Finishing Up

To ensure your window cling is fully stuck to its best ability please use a squeegee (or a debit card can work well) to push out any remaining bubbles or water underneath. Start in the centre and work your way outwards. Wipe away any leftover moisture and you're done!

Written by Amy Davies

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